Wednesday, 30 May 2012

16+4 bump picture and more...

Hey all, 

It's come around to that time again to upload another bump picture, time really does seem to be flying! I think i can defiantly call it a bump now as well, yay :D Starting to look pregnant rather than just eaten a few too many pies ha ha. So here it is :)...

I have also been debating many things this week, like what kind of changing bag to buy. There are sooo many out there but i want mine to be perfect. It has to be able to hold practically everything in it and look nice enough so i can use it as a handbag as well as a changing bag. After looking through literally hundreds i have found the perfect one, which i believe is very me and will do everything i need it to do. All the reviews have been brilliant, the only thing i don't like is the price tag, BUT i have decided I deserve a treat, at the end of the day i am carrying this baby for 9 months and sacrificing my body (not that i mind) but that's my reasoning to spend so much on a bag. 

So the bag I've chosen is...drum roll please...ha ha...It is a Pink Lining Yummy Mummy Blue Birds and Bows Bag and it is gorgeous...with the price tag of £75! I thought i would add a couple pictures so you can see what i mean...

The Inside...

Can you see why i want this bag now? I was going to order it yesterday but I've decided to be sensible and wait till the end of the month to see what pennies i have left...also it gives me time to decide if i defiantly what that pattern or to choose once i know the sex of the baby, which by the way is only 2 weeks and 4 days away :D 

Another item i have seen which i would like to buy once i know the sex is the changing mat, it may seem boring but the one i have chosen is just too cute not to say no to...i just love the slogan on it...

Isn't it just adorable! This is the lemon, but i would like to choose pink/blue accordingly, so this will be another purchase at the end of the month :) 

Tomorrow i am also going into Mothercare and putting the Cot and Mattress onto a Babyplan so i can pay a little bit each month, rather than just one lump sum. We will then get it delivered for the beginning of November so it isn't just sat around taking up space as at the moment i'm not sure where i will be living once baby is here, hopefully in a nice two bed somewhere, just have to wait and see :) 

Anyway, sorry for the long post, i didn't realise quite how much i can yabber on ha ha.

Lucy xx

Friday, 25 May 2012

A few more items checked of the list...

Hey all, 

Just thought i would make a quick update - although not sure how quick it will be ha ha. 

Yesterday i was at Ryan's and we decided to pick up some lunch and sit in the sun, after he suggested we look in a few shops. We had a look in BHS but it was fairly pricey and not really much of a range. 
We then went into the Early Learning Center and had a look around. There wasn't too much baby orientated products in there, it was more aimed at children 18 months and up. Anyway, we were about to leave when i noticed their small baby section. What they did have was so cute though! We had a look at a few of their products and then we both noticed something we liked. 
It is the Blossom Farm 3-in-1 Sit Me Up Cosy. 

Here it is...

The picture above is showing the inflatable nest for young babies. It can also be used as a tummy time mat and then the sit me up for older babies. It comes with 3 detachable toys and they look so cute. Me and Ryan both loved the colours of the product too. 
This item was in the half price sale down from £50 to £25 and because we both loved it we couldn't really say no. 
We were originally going to get a baby gym, however as this can be used 3-in-1 i thought it would be ideal and last a fairly long time. 

Another item crossed off the list :D 

Moving on...I went to see mum in the market today as it is her birthday (Happy Birthday Mum :D) and she had bought me and Ryan the mosses basket from a baby stall. I was so excited to go and have a look at it, sad i know ha ha, but it is just beautiful. I took a couple pictures so i could show Ryan and for me to upload on here. 

This is what it looks like :)...

It's not the best quality photo as i took it with my phone but isn't it just gorgeous! I am also getting a white stand for it but that won't be in till Wednesday next week. I thought getting a white stand rather than natural wood would match better. Mum is keeping it at her house for time being and is filling it up with small pressies for the baby, how exciting!! 

Any way, i better be off. Ta-ra 

Lucy xxx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

15+4 Bump and more...

Hey all, 

I was going to update Monday but i have been busy spending time with the OH and his family. 
Monday i had my midwife appointment, not much really to report, my midwife was on holiday so i had some other lady who wasn't as nice. She asked how i was doing, took my blood pressure which was the same as my last appointment. She also checked JellyBean's heartbeat. Which is counting at 155 BPM. She said that was spot on :) I also weighed myself. I've put on 5lbs in 4 weeks, which is about average, so i'm happy with that. Bump defiantly seems to be growing away :) Here is my 15+4 bump picture...

I'm defiantly starting to look pregnant now, although it's still a bit flabby, so i can't wait wait till its a proper hard bump :) 

On Monday i also picked up JB's rocker. I haven't got it out the box yet but it looks soo cute and i can't wait for bubba to be bouncing in it :D 

The OH and I have picked out the cot we are going to get, its the Takeley Cot with a foam mattress from Mothercare. I'm going to go into the store next week so i can put it on My BabyPlan which means i will be able to pay monthly for it rather than a lump sum which will make everything a lot easier. Here is a picture of it...

We will get it delivered just before baby is born so that it won't take up much room in the flat. 

On another note it's only 3 weeks and 4 days until we will be able to see JellyBean again and find out the sex :D 

Lucy xxx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Baby Events...

Hey all, 

Not much to report however i have once again been bargain hunting :) 
A lot of big stores at the moment are having Baby Events, Argos being one of them, so i thought i would have a nose and see if there was anything decent on their website. 
They do have some good deals on there, half price on Prams, Feeding, travel etc. I had a browse through and a few products caught my eye. I looked at a few of the Tommee Tippee bottles, however because i hope to breastfeed i won't be using bottle for a while anyway. 

What did catch my eye was the "Bright Starts Savanna Dreams Baby Rocker". It is so cute and can be used for either a girl or a boy. So the original price is £44.99 but with the half price sale it's only £22.49. I also have a £10 voucher which needs to be used up so that would make it just £12.49, meaning a whopping saving of £32.50!!! Can't beat that :D 

Unfortunately it cannot be delivered but i have reserved it to be picked up on Monday. I'm quite excited as it will be my first big baby purchase AND another tick off the list :D 

Here is a picture of the one i chose: 

The Rocker me and the OH originally picked out was £64.99 from Mothercare, but this one is just as cute and saves us money to buy other bits :) Who says you have to spend a lot :D 

I shall update on Monday as i have a Midwife appointment :) 

Lucy xxx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

14+4 Bump Picture...

Here is my 14+4 bump picture, in my new maternity jeans (so comfortable!) I think there is a small change from last week :) 

I also purchased a few more baby bits today (couldn't resist!) I took a couple pictures. I also bought some scratch mitts and a cuddle tag teddy but didn't take photos. Here is a picture of the sleep suit...

Here is the Blanket my OH bought, he was quite excited as it's the first item that he purchased, bless :)...

I have a feeling the baby will have plenty of bits once i'ts here!!! 

Lucy xxx

My Baby Checklist...

As the weeks are flying by, i thought it would be a good idea to start getting a few bits together. 
I have made a checklist of everything i think i may need and boy it seems like a lot!!! So here it is: 

JellyBean's Checklist: 
  • Moses Basket (Including Mattress)
  • Moses Basket Stand
  • Moses Basket Sheets
  • Cot - Being delivered 25/10/12
  • Cot Mattress - Being delivered 25/10/12
  • Blankets
  • Baby Monitors (Including Temperature thermometer) - Gift from Dad
  • Travel System (Including Car seat, Carry Cot, Rain cover, CosyToe)
  • Sterilizer
  • Baby Bottles 
  • Breast Pads
  • Nursing Bras 
  • Nursing Pillow
  • Bibs
  • Muslin Cloths 
  • Dummies
  • Changing Mat
  • Cotton Wool
  • Nappy Bags
  • Nappies - Newborn Size 1
  • Nappies - Newborn Size 2
  • Baby Wipes
  • Sudocrem 
  • Baby Bath - Gift from Dad
  • Bathing Products
  • Baby Care Kit
  • Bath Support 
  • Towels
  • Flannels
  • Baby Gym
  • Baby Bouncer 
  • Baby Record Book
  • Hospital bag (for me)

So far i have:

Newborn - up to 7.8lbs

  • 4 x Sleepsuits
  • 1 x Romper
  • 3 x Bodysuits
  • 1 x Dress
  • 1 x Jacket & Trouser Set

Up to 1 month - 10/11lbs

  • 15 x Sleepsuits
  • 2 x Romper
  • 9 x Vests
  • 3 x Tops
  • 1 x Dress
  • 1 x Jacket
  • 1 x Trousers
  • 2 x Leggings
  • 1 x Dungarees 
  • 1 x Jacket & Trouser Set
  • 2 x Winter coats

0-3 months - 12/14lbs

  • 7 x Sleepsuits
  • 13 x Vests
  • 15 x Tops
  • 7 x Dresses
  • 5 x Trousers
  • 2 x Leggings
  • 2 x Dungarees
  • 1 x Winter Coat
  • 1 x Winter pram suit
  • 2 x Fleece jackets
  • 5 x Tights
  • 6 x Socks
  • 1 x Woolly Mittens

3 - 6 months 

  • 2 x Sleepsuits
  • 2 x Bibs
  • 1 x Knitted Cardigan

Wow...well i THINK that is everything! Babies sure do cost a lot!!! I will keep coming back and crossing off what i have bought :) 

Lucy xx

First Baby Movement?...

Hey all, 

Yesterday i was 14+3 - the weeks just seem to be flying by! 
All day i had been feeling little flutters, but didn't really think much of it. However i was on the way to my other half's, waiting at the bus stop sat down in the shelter and i lent over to get something from my bag and suddenly i felt what felt like the baby doing a somersault. Straight away i thought "That was baby!" 
It was something i have never felt before so i defiantly think it was baby! It was such an amazing feeling! 
I haven't felt baby do it again since, but i am only coming up to 15 weeks and all the books say you don't feel them move until 17-22 weeks, so maybe it was just a one off, but it is all very exciting and if it happens again i will know that it is baby wriggling around in there! 

I cannot wait to start feeling kicks properly! 

On the other hand it's only 32 sleeps till i get to see my Little One again :D 

Lucy xx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nuby Freebies :D

A few weeks ago i discovered and liked their Facebook page There is a page on there named Bump, Birth and Baby and if you sign up they send you freebies. 

I entered my details and to be honest totally forgot about it and then today i received two soothers in the post. They are both very cute. I took a picture for you all to see. 

The picture isn't too great so it doesn't show the colours too well but the blue is actually more green and the yellow is a bright yellow. Either way they are super cute. 

Since then i have applied for more freebies, so i'm hoping they will arrive soon :) 

The more freebies the better :D 

On another note i received a letter today from the hospital confirming my scan appointment on the 18th June, but have also been asked to come to an Obstetric's appointment after my scan. I'm not 100% sure what it's about so i will speak to my midwife when i see her on the 21st May. 

Only 39 sleeps till i get to see JellyBean again :D 

Lucy xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fifth Bump Picture - 13+4

I've take a picture of the bump today and i'm totally confused to what is going on as it looks like it has shrunk loads :( I'm thinking maybe i'm now losing the bloat? 

Lucy xx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Purchased my first baby items :D...

Hey all :) 

So today i have hit another milestone, i'm now 13 weeks :D Still confused as to whether i'm in first or second trimester as different books say different things. 

Anyway, all is going well. Been hearing JellyBean's heartbeat getting stronger each day and been getting more growing pains. I've read it means the baby is moving from behind my pelvic bone slowly up towards the belly button. I just cant wait to start feeling those flutters/kicks!! 

I thought as everything is going so well i would purchase a few items for the baby. I'm not planning on getting too much yet as i want to find out the sex first, then i can shop shop shop!! I had a look around Mothercare and there are some really cute items in there! 

I ended up buying an 8 Piece baby set which included a jacket and trousers, a sleepsuit, two vests, a bib, a hat and some mittens. I also bought a baby record book which is so full of detail, i cant wait to start filling it in!! I took a few pictures for you all to see. They are not the best though, so sorry about that! 

I shall post again in the next few days :) 

Lucy xx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fourth Bump Picture - 12+4

I've found an easier way to take pictures of bump and they come out clearer too, yay :) 

I thought i would take a picture today as i feel massive!! 

I think its defiantly getting rounder :) 

Lucy xx

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dating and NT Scan :D...

I have just come back from my dating and NT scan and it went really really well :D I was in there for about 45 mins as Jellybean would not stop wriggling he he.

I went in thinking i was 12+1 and they would put me back, however they put me forward to 12+3, baby is now due 10/11/12...such an awesome date ey :)

For the NT screening i came back Low Risk, the NT measurement is 1.70 MM and my Risk is 1:8704. I am very happy about that as it means the baby is healthy and isn't at risk of any chromosomal abnormalities :D

My next scan has been booked in for 18th June and i cannot wait :) It means i only have 7 weeks until i can find out what i'm having :D I really thought i was having a girl, but now i have a feeling its a i shall have to wait and find out!!

Here is a picture of Jellybean...anyone fancy taking a guess at the gender?

Lucy xx