Wednesday, 27 June 2012

20+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

I've made it to half way :D Yay :) 
Not much has really happened this week, I've been waiting till Friday to buy a couple bits for our little girl. I already have a feeling she is going to be a little spoilt though as my mum keeps buying her cute little outfits and other bits. I have got my eye on a few items so cannot wait to be able to buy them :D However I did pop in the Market today where my mum works and put back the most gorgeous quilted blanket so i will be picking that up on Friday :D 
In other news, i had a call from the doctors on Monday. My urine sample from when i had my Anomaly scan picked up that i have Cystitis so I've been put on 5 days worth of Antibiotics to help clear it up. From what I've read and heard Cystitis can be very painful, but i didn't have a clue i had it, and still feel no different now, so i guess i am just a lucky one! 
The last few days I've been feeling little miss move around a lot more, especially when i'm sat down or lying in bed, still no real kicks (well not that i know of!) So i'm hoping i will start to feel them soon :) My OH is also eager to feel her kick from the outside, but i don't think that will be for a few weeks yet. 

So seeing as i'm now half way i thought it would be a nice idea to look back at the first bump picture i took and compare it to me now! So, here they both are...

So here i am at 9 weeks & 5 days.

Here is me today at 20 weeks & 4 days.

As you can see there is quite a noticeable difference between the two pictures, it will be interesting to see how big i will be at full term! Anyway here is my "normal" bump picture for the week...

The last week has been a little odd, but in a good way. People who i haven't seen in a while are coming over and commenting on my bump and people i don't know are asking me when i'm due! Its going to take a little while to get used to i think! At the end of the day i am only going to get bigger!! 

Anyway i think that's it for this week.

Lucy xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

19+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all,

Back again ha ha. Again it's time for my weekly bump update :) I feel as this week i have just gone pop, but that may just be me. Although i did have a stranger ask me when i'm due today, so that must mean i'm starting to look pregnant rather than just a bit chubby lol. I took two bump pictures this week to spoil you with, oh aren't you lucky ha ha...

As you can see, i'm starting to get rounder and little miss seems to be moving up :) Cannot believe next week will be my half way bump update :D 

So, today i had my midwife appointment, was pretty routine. She took my BP, which was a little higher than normal but nothing to worry about. I also got weighed, put on another 3 lbs since my last appointment 4 weeks ago, so i'm gaining steady. I'm sure i will gain more as little lady keeps getting bigger. I really don't mind though as its all for a good cause :D She also had a listen to missy using her doppler and her heart rate is measuring 136BPM, which is slower than it has been, but i've read that's normal :) 
The midwife also talked about booking me in for another scan as little miss was in an awkward position last time so some of her measurements seem a bit off so she just wants them double checked that all is ok. I really don't mind as it means i will get to see her wriggling about again :D We then had a quick chat about when i should take my maternity leave and booked me in for 4 weeks time. 

As you all probably know it was Fathers Day Sunday just gone so i thought it would be nice to get Ryan something from the bump. I found a card on Funky Pigeon which i could upload our 12 week scan picture on to which i thought was pretty cool and then i wrote a cute message inside from the bump. I wanted to get him a little something to go with it so i bought him a pair of baby socks which say "I love dad" on, so so cute. I took some pictures for you to see...

I think that's it for this week, my memory is terrible at the minute, having to write things down and mis-placing objects ha ha. I shall update as regular next week when i will be over half way...whoa!!! 

Lucy xxx

Monday, 18 June 2012

The day is finally long and awaited Anomaly Scan :D

Hey all,

So after counting down the days for 7 weeks today has finally arrived! My Anomaly Scan :D 
I only managed to get to sleep at 5 am this morning as i was so excited, i felt like a child on Christmas eve ha ha. My appointment wasn't until 3:30 PM so i kept myself busy from the moment i woke up so that the day wouldn't drag and it actually went pretty quickly. At 2:00 i started drinking lots of fluids so that my bladder would be nice and full, i actually felt like i was going to pop by the time i arrived at the hospital, where i met my OH. We made our way down to the antenatal clinic and it was packed, i thought we would be waiting there for ages but i actually got seen pretty quickly. 

We went into the scanning room and the sonographer explained what the scan was about and what they were looking for etc. It was then time to see my little JellyBean again, who was lying is a very awkward position lol. The sonographer took all the measurements that she needed to get and everything is measuring spot on for my gestation (19weeks&2days) she then asked if we would like to know the sex...we both immediately said yes. She had a quick peek and told us we are having a...

GIRL!!! We are both over the moon, knowing that our little girl is growing away and is healthy :D  We managed to get a couple pictures, although as she wasn't lying in the best position the photos aren't that great...but here they are...

My OH chose the second picture, he thought she looked cool ha ha. To be honest, i think she looks a little scary!! Ha ha. 

I'm now thinking about getting one of these 3D scans because i don't think i can go another 20 weeks without seeing her again. Plus with the 3D scan you scan see all their facial features etc. 

I'm still feeling a fair bit of movement, at the moment it just feels like she is tapping my insides, so i'm hoping soon i will be able to feel her kick :) 

I have my next midwife appointment on Wednesday so i will update again then. I think it's going to take a few days to sink in that i have a daughter :D 

Bye for now...

Lucy xxx

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

18+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

Here we are again, it only feels like yesterday that i posted my last bump picture! The weeks are really speeding by! It's scary to think that in a week and 3 days i will have reached the half way mark! Woohoo! 

So here is this weeks bump picture...just think, this time next week i will hopefully know if i'm joining team pink or team blue :D...

I've still been feeling twitches and wriggles, defiantly getting stronger. I notice it more when i'm sat down in the evening relaxing., Haven't felt any kicks just yet but i'm sure i will be feeling them in the next couple weeks :) 

In myself i have been feeling pretty good, apart from yesterday i was feeling a bit iffy and started feeling sick when i started to feel hungry, i hadn't felt like that in a while! 

Now, a topic i have been thinking about this week is my Maternity Leave. I received a letter from work stating the earliest date which i can leave is the 25th August. I also have 5 weeks holiday to use up which i have to use up before i go. I've been really thinking about when will be best for me to take it. 
I have had had an easy pregnancy so far so i haven't really found work to be a struggle, but you never know what may happen. However I'm starting to find the clients can become more challenging and i can find it mentally tiring. 
I'm a bit of a work-a-holic though, i hate to be sat around doing nothing, so i'm thinking to try and work up to the maximum date which would be 8th September (including my 5 weeks holiday) This would make me 31 weeks pregnant which i think is pretty reasonable, that then gives me 9 weeks to prepare for baby. It also means i can have longer with baby :) 

Anyway enough of maternity talk it's hurting my brain having to think ha ha. 

This week i also received my Nursing pillow and i love it. I bought it from for £19.95 with free delivery which i thought was pretty cheap after looking at the cost of some of the pillows out there. The thing i love about this pillow is i can use it for multiple purposes - supporting my back, helping me to get comfy in bed and also for Breast feeding once bubba arrives, so i'm sure it will get lots of use! It has also been made with good quality and the cover is machine washable, although i may look into buying another cover for it later on. 
Here is a picture of the one i have got...

Any way i can't think of anymore updates for this week but i shall put an update up on Monday after my scan :D 

Lucy xxx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Old Wives tales and Gender Predictions

Hey all, 

I'm a little bored on my day off so i thought i would have a little bit of fun and look more into all the old wives tales and gender predictors and see what outcomes they give me to what sex my baby is. 
I will hopefully find out Monday coming (as you probably have all read by now lol) so we will see which ones were correct. 

Ok so here were go: 

  • Mothers intuition - Girl - Correct!
  • Gender related Dreams - 2 Girl & 2 Boy - Its a girl! 
  • You didn't experience morning sickness in early pregnancy - Boy - Wrong!
  • Your baby's heart rate is at least 140 beats per minute - Girl -  Correct!
  • You are carrying the extra weight out front - Boy - Wrong!
  • Your face breaks out more than usual - Girl -  Correct!
  • You are carrying low - Boy - Wrong!
  • You crave orange juice - Girl - Correct!
  • You are craving protein - meats and cheese - Boy - Wrong!
  • You are having headaches - Boy - Wrong!
  • Chinese Gender Predictor - Girl -  Correct!
  • Nub Theory - Girl -  Correct!
  • Skull Theory - Girl -  Correct!
  • Needle and Thread test - Girl -  Correct!

So the results are 9 to GIRL and 6 to BOY...we shall wait and see which one it is :) 

Lucy xxx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

17+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

I cannot believe we are here again, the weeks seem to be flying by so so quickly, which i don't mind one bit but it is pretty scary that i am almost 18 weeks already! 

Not too much has happened in the last week, apart from the fact me and Ryan have decided on names! Yes, finally! I was so worried our baby would arrive in November and we still wouldn't have a name! We are trying to keep the names on a down low so it's a nice surprise for everyone when little one is here :) We just have to wait to find out now what we are having BUT there is only 11 days to wait!! Ahhh, we are so excited! I am holding back on anymore baby shopping until we know the sex, then we can splash out on blues/pinks!! Exciting! 

I've also noticed i have been feeling a lot more stronger twinges this week, so i'm hoping it won't be long before i'm feeling full blown kicks! I will probably be moaning then that baby is keeping me awake at night ha ha, you can never win! I'm already finding that sleep is getting more uncomfortable, i can't lay on my back or belly so i'm having to stick to my sides, then i find once i'm comfortable i need a wee or i'm too hot...oh the joys of pregnancy!! 

My bump is defiantly getting bigger, people at work keep on commenting how big i'm getting :) So here is this weeks picture...

Today has been a good day, i have just come back from the cinema after watching "What to expect when your expecting" I really enjoyed it, there were a lot of funny bits but there was one part of the film that had me bawling my eyes out - I won't go into detail just in case you want to watch it, but you will see. A lot of people have said it would put me off being pregnant but it done the opposite, it's made me love being pregnant even more and now i can't wait for the most amazing end result, to have my baby in my arms knowing that i created that. 

Well, i don't think there is anything else to add to this week apart from...11 days till we see JellyBean again!!! 

Lucy xxx