Wednesday, 29 August 2012

29+4 Bump Picture and more...

Afternoon all, 

I warn you now, this may be a bit of a long post, but stay with me :) 

First things first, I am now free :D 
I had my last shift at work last night which means i am now of maternity leave, but not officially as that starts the 6th of October. I actually really enjoyed my last shift, it went smoothly with no hiccups, unlike what it can be like! So that was lovely :)
Everyone this morning said their good-byes and wished me well, it all got a bit emotional really. Then to my surprise my boss handed me a bag and said she had got me and the baby a few gifts, this then made me even more emotional as i didn't expect it at all. I decided i would open them all up once i had been home and slept. So that's what i done this afternoon :) 

This is what they got me...

My boss hand knitted the teddy, however i am not sure whether it's supposed to be a mouse or a polar bear, so, i have named her Mrs Molar Bear :) I think the taggy elephant is adorable too :D

2 x 3-6 month sleep suits by Jasper Conran and 2 matching bibs :)

A Cardigan which my boss also hand knitted :) It's actually quite yellow but the picture makes it look more white.

Such lovely lovely gifts :D 

Now I've finished work it's all becoming very real. I have so much left to do and only 10 weeks to get it all done! First thing i'm going to do is get into a normal routine, waking up at reasonable times and the same with going to bed, at least then i will be semi-prepared when our little miss is here :)


Moving on...

As you may have read the last couple of weeks i won a clothes bundle on Ebay, well, it finally arrived yesterday :D I'm really happy with all the items and for £8.50 i can't complain! 

The bundle included: 
5 x Tops
7 x Dresses
2 x Leggings
1 x Jeans
1 x Joggers
5 x Tights
2 x fleece jackets
6 x Socks 
1 x Woolly Mittens

Quite a lot!! 

I took a couple of pictures...

I can't wait to be able to see little miss wearing all these clothes, however it ALL needs washing before she arrives!! 


Now, it's time for my weekly bump picture :) I don't think there has been much of a change this week in my size. What do you think?


One last thing, i'm going to start doing something called "Best moment of the week", best moment of the week is: I was listening to little madams heartbeat on the doppler and she started to hiccup, it was an amazing sound and so so cute :D <3  

Anyway, that's enough babbling for this week :) 



Wednesday, 22 August 2012

28+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

Today has been a really good day, however quite busy, so it's nice to sit down and relax :) 

I had my midwife appointment this morning, after not the best sleep as this little madam kept on getting hiccups, kicking and lying in uncomfortable positions! 

My appointment went well, baby is lying in the head down position, for now! She still has 11 weeks to move around though. My fundal height is measuring 30cms, which is two weeks ahead, apparently this is normal and they rather you measure bigger than smaller. She also listened to LO's heartbeat, again that was spot on at 151 BMP. All in all everything is good with the baby :D Just what i love to hear! 
I had my usual weigh in and to be honest was worrying a little due to the amount of weight i have been gaining in the last couple months. In the end i had nothing to worry about at all as i have only gained 0.7kgs in 2 weeks, which works out to 1.5lbs, so i'm happy with that :D 
My blood pressure was also spot on at 110/60, which means there are now no more worries about me getting pre-eclampsia, woohoo! 
I booked in my Ante-natal classes today, exciting times! The first one starts on the 1st of October and i'm really looking forward to it. I shall be dragging Ryan along with me seeing as he will be one of my birthing partners. I'm sure he will love them ;) 


Whilst i was at work last week i decided to start writing my lists (I have SO many to write!!) So the first list on my list was the Hospital Bags List
I will do a separate post to what I've chosen to go in my bags. 
However whilst i was in town today i thought i would start picking up a few of the bits i had written down, i know i have 11 weeks but it's always nice to feel prepared :) 
I decided Superdrug was my best option to begin with as it's reasonably priced and they seem to do everything toiletries-wise. However the one product i saw on their website which i really liked which they didn't have in stock was the Nivea Everyday Essentials Pack. When i'm next in the city of Plymouth i shall pop into the bigger store with hope that they have it in stock :) 
What i did pick up today was a mini tube of Macleans White N Shine Toothpaste which cost 89P and some Carex Refreshing travel wipes - 85P. I thought it would be a good idea to get everything i need in mini sizes, for 1 - I'm hoping to not stay in hospital for too long and 2 - It will save space in my bag as i have LOTS to go in it! 
Every time i pop in to town i will pick up a couple bits, just so i can slowly build up what i need to get and i won't have to pay out a big lump sum :) 


Now, time for my weekly bump picture! I feel i have got bigger this last week but that may just be me! 

Here's another from earlier on in the week :) 


That's enough for now :) 



Monday, 20 August 2012

Likes and dislikes of...Pregnancy...

Hey all, 

Now I've experienced being pregnant for a while (ha ha) i thought i would write down a list of my likes and dislikes, just for fun :) Feel free to add your own in the comment box below. 

Lucy's Pregnancy Likes: 

  • Feeling kicks, hiccups, twitches and elbow jabs - The most magical feelings in the world!
  • Fuller hair - My hair has always been fine and limp but now it's looking thick and full, i <3 it :)
  • Growing Nails - I've always been a nail bitter but since becoming pregnant my nails have grown at a rapid pace and are actually growing!
  • Watching my bump grow - I love looking back at pictures and seeing how much I've grown over the weeks as i know its for an amazing reason :D
  • Bigger boobs - I must admit, they are looking pretty damn good at the moment ;)
  • Having a reason to shop - I love shopping and what gets better than baby shopping?! All those cute outfits! 
  • Hearing baby's heartbeat on the doppler - I don't do it so much anymore but it is always an amazing sound, especially when i can hear and feel her kick at the same time. 
  • Sharing the experience with my OH - I love it when he feels her kick and talks to my belly, just puts a massive cheesy smile on my face, knowing we created a baby that's growing away inside me, amazing. 

Lucy's Pregnancy Dislikes:

  • Heartburn - I have been suffering with this A LOT lately and it is not nice :(
  • Leg Cramps - Especially when trying to sleep, waking up in immense pain is not a nice feeling
  • Getting out of breath - I now finding myself having to slow down, even getting dressed is becoming a mission!
  • Growing out of clothes quickly - I've never been one to buy clothes that often, however now i'm finding i'm having to buy a couple items at least once a month as i'm growing out of everything, even my maternity clothes! 
  • Worrying!! - Sometimes little miss decides to have a quiet day and not wriggle as much, this tends to worry me a little bit as i'm so used to her moving a fair bit. 
  • Hot flushes - OMG, these happen at the most random times and it's not just hot, its like mega hot and full on sweating, not a good look!

Enjoy your day :) 



Friday, 17 August 2012

What a shambles today has been!

Hey all, 

As you all know i was booked in to have my Glucose Tolerance Test today and have been dreading it! didn't happen today! 

After not eating since midnight i went to have my GTT at 9am this morning, the doctors were already running late which i wasn't too happy about as i'm always grumpy when i haven't had my morning cup of tea or something to eat, plus heartburn kept me awake until 3am this morning and i had to be up at 7am. 
Anyway at 9:30am they called me in. I had a lovely nurse see to me, thank god as i am petrified of having my blood taken due to previous bad experiences. 
She found a vein fine, so i was thinking to myself how it would be over and done with quickly...not the case! 
Three attempts later she still hadn't managed to take any blood, even after trying in both arms and my hand. Apparently my veins were very deflated due to fasting. In the end she gave up as she could see i wasn't enjoying the experience and she wasn't having any luck! 
I've now been re-booked in for a second attempt on the 4th September, hopefully the nurse will have better luck taking blood from me then! 

After a crappy morning, the weather making it even worse (will it ever stop raining?) I made my way home so i could have a cuppa and something to eat. 
Shortly after the postman turned up, with a parcel! He had my bag! Woohoo!! I unpacked it as soon as it arrived and i love it. I was worried it would be a bit too big, but to be honest it is the perfect size! 


I am now one happy girl :D

Lucy xxx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

27+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

I'm officially in the third trimester, woo hoo! Just under 13 weeks to go until we meet our little one, i cannot wait :D 

We still have so much to do before she arrives though, for instance sort out our bedroom and make room for her cot and Moses basket, wash all her clothes and put them all away, deep clean the whole house...that's just a few things! 
My plan is to write a list of all the things we need to do once i'm on maternity leave and then to slowly start getting everything done and cross it off.

This past week i have really been starting to feel pregnant. 
I've had mega heartburn for the last 3 days and nothing seems to be getting rid of it :( According to websites online if a woman suffers from heartburn during pregnancy then their baby is more likely to come out with hair, of course this is just a myth but some women swear its true. So it will be interesting to see if our little girl does come out with some hair or none at all. 
Getting dressed has now become more of a mission than an everyday thing, i now have to sit down and take my time else i get out of breath. 
My size 14 maternity clothes are now becoming too small and uncomfortable so i think i may have to invest in a few bigger items. 
I seem to be getting cramps in my legs more often when i'm lying in bed and they can really be quite painful! 
Anything else?...Not that i can think of right now. 

Oh the joys of pregnancy! I wouldn't change any of it for the world though! 

On the positive side of things since i hit 27 weeks little miss hasn't really stopped moving around in there. Her movements are starting to become a lot bigger and harder now and now and again even a little bit uncomfortable. I've tried to film her wriggling around but every time i do she stops moving the little monkey! I also believe i have been feeling her have hiccups too, it kind of feels like a rhythmic pulse which lasts for a couple minutes, i usually feel it after I've eaten. 
Even though i feel her moving everyday it still brings a smile to my face and feels totally amazing :D 

Before i continue to ramble on i shall update you with my bump :) 

Defiantly looking bigger but also quite low. Odd. 

This week i decided to treat myself to a little something seeing as everything I've bought lately has been baby related in some sort of way! 

I'm a massive handbag fan and the one i'm currently using, even though i love it is becoming a bit shabby so i decided it's time to purchase a new one. Now this seems like an easy task, however as you have probably already read i'm very fussy when it comes to bags and don't like having to spend a fortune! 

I had a look around and decided Ebay would be my best place to look. I do LOVE Ebay!! I had a browse through and decided i really liked the LYDC bags, they stand out from the usual kind of handbags as they are bright and bold and that's what i love about them. I ended up going for a mock crock patent pink shoulder handbag with a flowered pattern on the front. I just LOVE it! They are originally £40 on the LYDC website however i won mine for just £10! I'm still waiting for it to be delivered but once it's here i shall upload some photos and possibly do a review:) 

Whilst on Ebay i also had a look at the baby bundle of clothing (i can't stay away!), i managed to grab myself a right bargain! I won a bundle of 22 items of 0-3 month clothing for £3.50!! Again i'm still waiting for it all to be delivered but once it has all arrived i shall upload some photos. Hopefully it should all arrive by next week! 

On Friday i have my Glucose Tolerance Test, not looking forward to that one bit. Depending on how i'm feeling afterwards i may update you with how it went and the results, if not i shall update you next week :) 

Lucy xx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

26+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet as i am shattered. I worked last night then had my midwife appointment at 10 am then met up with a friend for lunch in Plymouth for a much needed catch up!! 

My midwife appointment was pretty straight forward, she took my blood pressure which was 130/70, she said that was fine. She measured my fundal height and said it was perfect for how many weeks i am :) 
I once again got weighed, i'm now 80.5 KG, two weeks ago i weighed 78.3 KG, which means i have put on 2.2 KG in just two weeks. That works out to be 4.8 lbs!! She told me if i continue to put on that much weight at each appointment then we shall have to have a chat about my diet :( 
She was going to take blood today but seeing as i have my GTT next week she thought it would be better if they just take a little bit extra there instead of me having two lots taken. 
Also from now on my appointments will be every 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks :) My next appointment is on the 22nd of August. 

Before i went to see the midwife i popped in to see my mum in the market, one of the other stall owners makes crafts and bits and bobs for babies. A few weeks ago i saw that she makes taggy blankets, something that i would love to make but haven't yet attempted.  I picked out the colours i liked and she said she would make one up. Well today she called me over and she had made a few and said i could choose my favorite. I was about to pay and she told me to put my money away as its a gift for the baby, she also gave me a pink duck soap which is really cute :) I took a few photos...

How cute is that?! I really want to take it out the wrapping, but i won't just yet. It also smells lovely :)

The taggy blanket that the lovely lady made. I'm thinking about maybe getting baby's name embroidered on it :) 

I also popped into Primark and saw that they have some new baby stuff in, i couldn't resist buying a couple bits. I got two tops for £3.50 and two pairs of leggings for £3.00 both in sizes up to 10 lbs. 

I think they are so cute :) Also it could potentially be a coming home outfit, although i have a few outfits which i love, so we shall see. 

I also took a quick picture of this weeks bump...

I've been really uncomfortable today but i think that's because i ran for the bus this morning and since then I've been feeling a bit of pain at the bottom of my bump. I've been told it could be round ligament pain. I'm hoping after a good nights sleep it will be gone. 

As i said its only a quick post tonight as I've had a hectic day and its time for me to relax :) 

Lucy xx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Decisions decisions...Changing bags, which one to choose?

Hey all, 

I thought it was about time that i start looking for practical baby items rather than just spending my wages on cute baby clothes ha ha, so for most of the evening i have been looking at changing bags, and i have come to realise there are so many different bags out there. There are literally hundreds of different brands, styles, colours, sizes...the list goes on. 
I've always been quite fussy with bags, which doesn't make choosing a suitable changing bag easy. However, my aim is to find a bag which is big enough to hold all the baby essentials i will need when out and about and can also double up as a handbag for me. This means i'm looking for a bag which doesn't look too "Changing bag-esque". I also don't fancy paying stupid money as some of the bags I've looked at (which are very nice i must admit) cost up to £200! 

So after having a browse on the good old world wide web i have chosen my favorite 3 which meet my criteria. 

1. Pink Lining - Yummy Mummy Range
Price: £75

"Yummy Mummy - Birds and Bows"

The Pink Lining Yummy Mummy changing bags comes with all the features a normal changing bag has, however it is fashionable and stylish yet very functional. Perfect for any yummy mummy! 
The Yummy Mummy range i have chosen has many different patterns, all very cute. I have chosen the "Birds and Bows" design for the simple fact that i LOVE the colour green and i also love the pattern. All of the Pink Lining bags have the internal shocking pink lining too!

What the bag features: 
* Long adjustable strap to fit on pram handle
* A pocket on the front on the bag with the Yummy Mummy slogan and cupcake motif
* An elasticated pocket on either side of the bag
* Water resistant lining
* Two Nappy pockets
* Two thermal insulated pockets
* Zip pocket for valuables
* Key/dummy fob
* Detachable mirror
* Mobile holder
* Padded Changing mat
* Zip wet bag

7/10 - A lovely bag with lots of features but a bit pricey

2. Babymel - Amanda Printed

"Jungle Floral Blue" 

The Babymel Amanda changing bag has been very popular with mums since it was first launched. It is a very stylish bag which doesn't have the changing bag look to it. Perfect for mums who like to look good on the go. 
There are many styles and patterns in the Amanda range, the Amanda Printed, Quilted and Zipper. I have chosen the Printed because i love the style of it and all the prints are gorgeous. This particular print is "Jungle Floral Blue". I love the bright colours and it certainly stands out from the crowd! 

What the bag features: 
* An insulated bottle pocket
* Three large outer pockets
* Five internal elasticated pockets 
* A zipped pocket to keep valuables in
* Wipe clean lining 
* Wipe clean outer printed fabric
* Adjustable shoulder strap
* Adjustable pram strap
* Padded changing mat

8/10 - A bright stylish changing bag and good value for money, however could do with somewhere to hold wet/dirty items.

3. Okiedog - Bliss Luxury Celeb Tote


Not many mums have heard of the Okiedog changing bags which i'm quite surprised about as they offer a stylish and practical alternative to the traditional changing bags. Okiedog have many different range of bags but this celeb style is my favorite. Compared to the other bags i have chosen this one is quite neutral in a beige colour, however it still looks gorgeous. 

What the bag features: 
* Two bottle holders
* Insulated bottle bag
* Leak proof zip lock wet bag
* Changing mat with anti-bacterial treatment
* Universal pushchair clips
* Wipe clean outer fabric
* Quick pick loops to hold keys/dummies
* Internal & external pockets 
* External zipped compartment
* Parent Zone

9/10 - I love this bag, very stylish and comes with many features, great value for money. What more could you want? 

Lucy xx

25+4 Bump Picture and more...

Hey all, 

Update time again :) 

The week hasn't been too busy really. I'm now back at work after two weeks off, which were lovely, however being back at work is also nice, just starting to get quite tiring.
I've now handed in my MAT B1 form and letter in to my boss which means i have a date to start my maternity leave, woohoo :D!! 
My last night of work is the 28th of August, however my Maternity leave doesn't officially start until 6th of October. I had about 5 weeks holiday to use up before my maternity leave, hence why i'm leaving quite early. I'm happy with that though as it means i have 10 weeks to get everything ready and prepared before little miss makes her grand entry into the world. 

Now that's been sorted i feel as if its all becoming really real and also very exciting! Lately I've been thinking about the mini milestones that i have ahead of me before the big day, so i thought i would jot down this months. 

1. 03/08/12 - Double digits countdown begins
2. 08/08/12 - Midwife Appointment
3. 11/08/12 - I turn 27 weeks, the start of the Third Trimester
4. 17/08/12 - I have my Glucose Tolerance Test
5. 28/08/12 - Last day of work
5. 01/09/12 - I turn 30 weeks, 10 weeks till due date! 

This last week i have also been starting to suffer with some pregnancy symptoms. So far i have been quite lucky and only really been feeling tired and had a little bit nauseous in the first trimester. However this week i have been suffering from heartburn, leg cramps and headaches, not nice! To cure the heartburn i have been munching on Rennies soft chews, which are amazing as they got rid of it straight away. With the leg cramps there isn't much i can do about it, apart from wait it out. I've always suffered with headaches, but these seem to be a lot worse. I've found the only thing that will make them go away is for me to lie down in a dark and quiet room, not so easy to do when i'm at work looking after 3 clients. 

Now, time for my bump pictures, like last week i don't really see much of a change in my size, my bump just looks a little bit rounder - What do you think? 

This week i also received that last of my Ebay buys in the post. 

6 upto 1 month sleepsuits (Next) - £1.05

0-3 month snuggle suit - £1.00

This wasn't an Ebay buy but a gift from my mum and i think its gorgeous, perfect for the winter :) 

I believed i have covered everything that has happened in the last week :) 

Lucy xx